Welcome to Stepping Stones for Families 


Stepping Stones For Families is a program designed to remove barriers for families by connecting them with a community of support.

Stepping Stones For Families advocates for families by connecting them with resources, offering parent education, meeting basic food needs and offering support for those struggling with substance use.

Originally developed in 1995 (known then as the Young Families Program), Stepping Stones for Families improves the health and welfare of families who are having trouble dealing with difficult life situations or meeting basic needs due to economic, medical, mental health or educational factors.

Our staff are here to help families find the path to improve their lives. Whether it is a mom struggling to feed her family, a dad learning to be a better parent, or a family where alcohol is getting in the way, our advocates work with them to identify the steps to regaining positive control in their own lives.

Every family's path is different so we offer a variety of "stepping stones" to reach a positive destination. Click on any of the choices to your left to learn more about these services.

To view our 2015-16 Annual Report, click here